It all comes down to the technology

If you are considering investing or are seeking funding, lets be honest, it all comes down to the technology. What value is the technology providing a potential customer. Does the technology violate the laws of physics, does it require exotic materials such as Unobtainium, can it be productized in our lifetimes? It takes an understanding of physics, electronics, or programming to filter relevant technologies from those of science fiction. Integracer's founders have the technical background to see potential and disregard fantasy.

Cost sharing

The U.S. Government spends over $1B each year funding advanced research. A promising startup can't afford to neglect this source of capital. Integracer's principles have years of experience negotiating the Small-Business Innovative Research program and other grant vehicles. We have executed numerous research and development contracts and bootstrapped development of products using exclusively government funding. Integracer wants to show startups how to supplement VC funds with government grants and support transition of technologies from research to product.

Be Part of Our Community

It may seem lonely when your are trying to develop a company, but you are not alone. The Integracer's network includes experienced CEOs, CFOs, HR Directors, and Investment Bankers. As a company grows Integracer Consulting connects startups with experienced experts to guide them through each phase of expansion.

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