Integracer Consulting offers multiple services for startups, investors, and established technology small businesses.

Grant Identification and Proposal Assistance

The U.S. Government spends over $1B each year funding advanced research. Integracer helps companies identify opportunities, develop wins strategies, produce technical/cost proposals, and execute grant work. We can assist with project planning, tasking, and budgeting.

Technology Transition Assistance

Integracer Consulting can assist companies with product development planning, market research, and identification of transition partners and customers.

Technology Investing

If you're looking to invest in technology, consult with Integracer Consulting. We offer technical and financial due diligence support to prospective investors. Put our team's rich engineering background to use looking at advanced technologies. We can estimate potential market size, future development costs, and identify risks. Our network includes startups in a variety of areas from technology to services, we can source your next investment.

Advice from Experts

The Integracer's network includes experienced CEOs, CFOs, HR Directors, and Investment Bankers. Integracer Consulting can connects startups with experienced experts to guide them through each phase of expansion.

Integracer Consulting
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